About-Us-Universal Event Company:-


The Universal Event was established with the aim of providing all the events related facilities under one roof and wanting to do some things differently. Universal Event has organized many types of birthday celebration, Events and Weddings, and Jaimala Theme. We host Events services consistent with your requirements, Style, and Budget. We comprehend local needs and provide solutions to them with good quality and selection. If you are searching Event Organiser Company in Varanasi, so please call–09792173231–09415619767



Profound Business Relations:-


Till some time people used to have family doctors, now Event planner has also been made for every family. According to the family details, you call yourself and ask. what is the plan for the next event?
Universal Events believe Good Business Relationships with Gracious, Honest, Reliable Service, which we are pleased with the partnerships we’ve created over the years. Your find wouldn’t have realized without You, Your love & support are our pillars of strength. Looking for an Event Planner in Varanasi to Your memorable Events? Choose Universal Events to make your event memorable. Universal Events is one of the Top Event Company in Varanasi India.



Planing- about Your Events:-


Most people spend a lot of money on events and weddings, and you would like to look for an Event company which will assist you in turning your event or occasion into a grand success. Universal Events services have gained tremendous popularity among those individuals who truly understand its significance.

Be it a wedding, marriage anniversary, flower decoration, corporate events, opening ceremony, birthday celebration, Veg catering service, corporate party, kitty party, a family picnic, etc. there has been an event planner which gives us the best results by organizing everything. According to your instructions, the great presentation of your event adds to your dignity.
If you are searching Event Organiser Company in Varanasi, so please call–09792173231–09415619767



Why Choose Us?


We at Universal Event thrive to present an exemplary service which encapsulates all of your requirement under one roof.
Thus, we continuously thrive to supply the best authentic things & deeply understand every aspect of your requirement.
Below are detailed a whole excerpt of what makes us the last word destination for your Events:  If you are searching Event Organiser Company in Varanasi, so please call–09792173231–09415619767



Affordable prices:-


Our Company understands the necessity of Every event. Thus, we deem to supply the simplest services, provide sumptuous events at affordable prices without compromising on the standard. Every event has a budget and we work according to every budget. If you want to know about us, so please call–09792173231–09415619767 Thanks for visiting, Our Event Company website. 

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.









01. Experience

We are a Universal Event Company, Established Since 2014 located in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh India, Our agency has been present for the over Six year In the market.

02. Professionality

Company will design an impressive event, Working within your budget, and adding contemporary twists that will “wow” your team or clients.

03. Guarantee

We work by heart to help each other to overcome challenges and provide our clients with Professional, Efficient and Courteous service.

04. Quality

We believe in Good Business Relationships with Gracious, Honest, Reliable Service and we are proud of the partnerships we have created over the years.

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